Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is Acne? What are the Causes of Acne?

Acne is a chronic illness of skin sebaceous glands. It appears where there are many sebaceous glands: on face, neck, chest and on back between shoulder blades. Acne is a puberty disease. Almost every two men at the age of 12 – 19 suffer from acne. Sometimes the disease recedes, but it can cause trouble for many years since it is burdensome and visible. "Bad appearance" can influence to a great extent teenagers’ mood.
As acne won't kill you, it can make your life miserable. Bad looking skin is something what nobody needs, especially teenagers - they have enough problems and pressures. 80-90% of teens do get acne - girls are lucky here, cause boys are more often touched by acne. Men who reach their early twenties with no having had acne are fortunate, for they most likely will never have it. Women - in that case are not so lucky. Many ladies are getting acne in their mid-twenties or thirties.
Nowadays though, dermatologists have excellent results in treating and developing new treatments for acne. We have possibilities to treat with success even severe cases of acne, which even work faster and more successful these days. No matter how bad acne you may have, you shouldn't worry. Stress is one of the factors which is not good for us at all. You need to focus on finding right treatment for your acne problem.
Anyone with extremely bad acne problem should see a dermatologist - self-treatment is not recommended for very bad skin, cause they simply can help only in mild or moderate cases. Even if you decided to treat your acne by yourself and you don't have satisfying results after couple of monts you should make appointment with dermatologist (even in mild cases of acne). Treatment by a health care professional always supports; doctor won't heal acne - but you will have to follow his guidance, he will control your therapy processes and help your body to heal itself until the hormone changes have eased up, after that the acne frequently disappears.

Causes of Acne

There are many causes of acne, definition would say:" Acne is caused by the clogging of oil glands beneath the skin". It mostly begins early in the teens and may last 10 years. Under the influence of hormones active in adolescents, the oil glands misfunction and oil gets clogged in the pores. An inflammation develops in the skin, and bacteria move in, creating an infection. The common pimple is the consequence of this process. Oil glands are the most active on the face, that's why acne occurs mostly there. Many men can have also acne problem on the chest and back. What we mean by causes of acne - is that many factors may cause clogging of oil glands beneath the skin.
In acne treatment, dermatologists put a lot of attention on cleansing the skin, giving you professional instructions and suggestions about cleansing regimens right for you. If it's needed, they will prescribe you antibiotics - for internal and/or external use.
There are many acne lotions and gels available to reduce skin oiliness, slown down bacteria growth and prevent blackhead and pimple formation process. In severe acne, cysts will need to be drained or injected with cortisone. Dermatologists can be an excellent guide for treating acne but the hardest job has to be done by patient, who has to take good care of skin, avoid sorts of food and good healthy lifestyle are important and shouldn't be ignored.
Factors that causes acne and factors wrongly associated with acne:
  • stress - is not responsible for acne, but it has no good effect on acne as well. If you deal with acne problem, stress may cause it harder to heal,
  • sex - too much or too little, has nothing to do with acne/
  • hair styles or hair length - no effects on acne, good care of scalp however can keep oil under control,
  • dirt - blackheads seen on the skin are not caused by dirt. Blackheads are dilated pores filled with hardened oxidized darkened oil. They are known as comedones - popular forerunners of pimples,
  • certain foods - try to avoid foods that cause acne,
  • cosmetics - in younger woman acne can be intensified by sorts of cosmetics, as they may clog the pores. In older women - certain cosmetics may cause acne problem.
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