Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Treat A Pimple In Nose Inside Nostril

                                      If you suffer from acne, blemishes and oily skin, you are very likely to also get a pimple in nose – by this I mean one actually inside of your nostril which is unpleasant and uncomfortable to say the least.
If you have found this post because you have a pimple on your nose, under the skin and not inside the nostril, you need our page on effective blind pimple treatment as this is the most usual sort of pimple under the skin on the nose – you will also find helpful tips in the how to treat a pimple under skin section.
A pimple that forms inside the nostril can be caused by picking the nose and this type is most common in children who transfer dirt containing bacteria from beneath their fingernails to the delicate membranes inside the nose.
Another cause of a pimple in nose if you are a man, is when you pluck out a nose hair. This can also happen if you trim your nose hair and accidentally nick the membrane inside your nose where an infection can start.
Because the nose is so sensitive and has so many tiny blood vessels in it, having a pimple in nose can really bring tears to your eyes and can swell so much that it blocks the nostril which is uncomfortable and can even be noticed from the outside.

How to treat a pimple in nose

    • 1. In a small bowl, put a teaspoon of salt and dissolve in a small amount of freshly boiled water. Allow this to cool.
    • 2. Dip a Q Tip into the cooled salty water, press off excess water on the side of the bowl and use the Q tip to gently clean the affected area. Discard the cotton bud.
    • 3. If necessary, repeat with a clean Q Tip, do not dip the same cotton bud back in the water.
    • 4. Next dry the area if possible by gently wiping with another Q Tip.
    • 5. Now use another bud to apply a tiny amount of Neosporin cream to the affected area. (Neosporin is a topical antibiotic ointment and other antibiotic creams are also available on the market which would probably work just as well).
    • 6. Repeat the pimple treatment morning and night or as often as directed on the antibiotic cream you have chosen.
Important Notes:
  • 1. You must be certain before applying antibiotic cream that you are not allergic to to this type of antibiotic. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are allergic or prefer not to use antibiotics, you could try a tiny spot of Tea Tree Oil which is a natural antiseptic.
  • 2. If the spot is high up inside your nostril rather than near the outer edge, do not attempt to treat this yourself, see a doctor.
  • 3. If you suffer any adverse reaction like the spot getting worse, burning, itching or it does not feel considerably better within three days of treatment consult your doctor. This is important because if the infection spreads to your sinuses you will have a much more unpleasant and uncomfortable problem to deal with.
I hope that by following the instructions above, you will find relief from a pimple in nose. It is important to avoid re-infection by not picking or scratching the inside of your nose and, in the case of any nicks or irritation after dealing with nose hairs, to apply antibiotic or antiseptic straight away.
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