Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Stop Pimples From Appearing

If you have found this article because you want to find out how to stop pimples from appearing and spoiling your complexion, read on! On this page you will find some hints and tips on how to get rid of pimples naturally and stop them from coming back.
The first thing to consider when you are thinking about how to stop pimples, is not what you put on your face, it is what you put into your mouth!
  • a)Firstly, think about your diet try to cut down on refined and sugary foods as these can sometimes be responsible for making our bodies produce excessive oil (sebum) which in turn will lead to skin problems including pimples and blackheads.
  • b)Secondly, think about how much water you drink in a day. I am not talking here about caffeinated or fizzy drinks which should be kept to a minimum in a healthy diet, I am talking about good old H2O! Keeping your body properly hydrated is very important if you want to have healthy skin.
  • c)Thirdly, think about taking some dietary supplements to help your skin – even if your diet is really good, you may from time to time need some supplementation and vitamins A and E will help your skin as will evening primrose oil capsules and garlic tablets or capsules.

How to stop pimples: -could using natural antibacterial products really help?

Now give some thought to the products you are putting on your skin and consider whether some natural products such as tea tree oil could be incorporated into your skin care routine because of the wonderful anti-bacterial properties.
This property is important in learning how to stop pimples because products with an antibacterial effect will cut down on existing inflammation and prevent future infection. The following quote shows how important Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is and you can read the full article at Clinical Microbiological Reviews web site if you would like to use the link provided.
“One of the first rigorous clinical studies assessed the efficacy of 5% TTO in the treatment of acne by comparing it to 5% benzoyl peroxide (BP) (14). The study found that both treatments reduced the numbers of inflamed lesions, although BP performed significantly better than TTO. The BP group showed significantly less oiliness than the TTO group, whereas the TTO group showed significantly less scaling, pruritis, and dryness. Significantly fewer overall side effects were reported by the TTO group (27 of 61 patients) than by the BP group (50 of 63 patients).”
Other natural remedies you could try for their antibacterial properties are aloe vera juice or gel applied to the skin and applying honey directly to your skin – a bit sticky and messy, but wonderfully healing!

Could the answer to how to stop pimples be as simple as lowering stress levels?

Now, let’s turn to something that many people do not give a second thought to in their quest for finding the how to stop pimples ‘miracle’ product, you need to think about your work/life balance. If you are working long hours in a busy, stressful job, the effects will tell on your skin. I wrote a hubpages article about the effects of chronic stress and how a study clearly showed that women who had suffered long-term, chronic stress had a biological age of ten years older than the women in the study who had not suffered this form of stress – in other words, they looked – and felt, much older. You can use the link to read my hubpages article.
Make a deal with yourself and be a bit kinder to your body! Make sure you take a proper lunchbreak every day and try to get outside of the building where you work – even if it is only for twenty minutes. Make some time in your day to relax, practice a yoga or meditation technique, or even just have a lovely long soak in the bath with some scented candles dotted around and maybe a few drops of some relaxing lavender oil added to the water. In your quest to find out how to stop pimples, paying attention to the three factors outlined in this article, your diet, using natural antibacterial products on your skin and reducing stress levels and pampering yourself a little, being kind to yourself will all have a positive effect on your skin and help you to attain your goal of a clear complexion.
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