Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting Rid Of The Pimple Problem and video

The pimple problem is very upsetting for those who have to go through it. It can be too much to deal with on many occasions. Sufferers of acne go through so many emotions due the social, physical, and emotional stresses that having facial skin issues can cause.
Those who have any type of acne feel dirty and insecure about their skin. No one wants to be stared at and feel unattractive. While acne is very common and almost everyone has had a pimple in their life, some people suffer a great deal more. Today there are so many possible ways to treat and prevent acne from taking over your life.

Sporadic Skin Issues;

The most common pimple problem is sporadic acne. This is when a person only gets a mild crop up every now and again. This would include acne that comes once a month with a woman's cycle or those who get blemishes only during times of stress. This type of acne has to do with hormone fluctuations and changes only. It causes a disruption that is short and quick that results in only a few minor skin irritations.
Usually as soon as your trigger is gone and the acne has run its course, you are back to a clear complexion. While you can attempt to prevent such outbreaks with daily cleansing, the best way to be prepared for this type of acne is to have a good concealer and a pimple cream to use for such occasions.
Moderate Acne Issues
The next pimple problem in line is a more moderate form. This is when you get crops ups in skin lesions that have no trigger that you can see. The acne will just come up and invade your face with no warning or explanation and stays much longer than the occasional pimple. This type of acne problem tends to require more work to keep from happing too much and to get rid of quickly.
You will have to do some preventative measures to keep out breaks to a minimum such as daily facial scrubbing and a weekly peel. Reducing daily oil build up and removing dead skin will go a long way in making your acne stay away longer and longer periods.
Severe Acne Problems
The pimple problem is taken to a new level when you have severe acne issues. Severe acne is very hard to control using over the counter remedies alone. In fact, most of the medications you will find at the drug stores will probably do nothing for it at all. You will need to see a doctor for available treatments for this type of acne issue.
There are many types of prescription acne medicines that work very well in controlling severe acne and clearing it up. This will keep your face from scarring over and over from continual out breaks. You will also no longer have to spend money on over the counter products that do not work, or only work in the short term.
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