Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding The Method Of Treating Your Acne

While treating your acne sounds easy enough, it is not always the case. It can take time, money, and effort to actually find an acne treatment that really works to prevent and treat current pimple outbreaks. Very rarely does the first treatment actually work.
Many of the products that you will use will work for preventing, but not treatment. While others will work on a current outbreak and not prevent future out breaks from happening. Some acne medications will only work a few times and then not work again, and others will never work at all. It is a guessing game what will work and what will not.

First Line Of Defense;

When it comes to treating your acne, the first line of defense is finding a treatment that works and will keep working on current outbreaks. When you are actually experiencing an acne invasion, you will want to be able to use some form of defense that will rid you of the issue as soon as possible. There are many creams and scrubs on the market that are specifically designed to remove acne upon use.
You will know if the medication is working if the acne begins to clear up in 48 hours. If you find that the product you got does not help after two to three days, then it is time to try something else. You want to be able to get control of your outbreaks as soon as they happen and not wait weeks for progress.
Active Prevention
Treating your acne starts with prevention. There are so many ways to prevent acne from happening in your life, or at least keep it to a minimum. The best way to accomplish this is to wash your face using a facial scrub each and every night. The reason you would want to wait till evening to use some form of scrub is so that you get all the excess oil, dirt, and skin off your face as well as any make up, lotion, or sunscreen you may have applied over the course of the day.
All of items we put on our faces can contribute to blocked pores that get infected and form pimples. You will only want to wash with the scrub once per day as stripping your face of the essential oils can also cause more harm than good.
Prevention For The Worst Cases
There are some forms of acne that just seem impossible to get rid of. It is as if you can use everything in every store and it still prevails and returns. Sometimes it never goes away. It simply is one crop up after another. Treating your acne when it is this severe will require medical intervention.
You will need to see your doctor to find a prescription solution that will not only clear up your acne, but keep it from returning. There are many types of prescriptions that will work. You simply need to make an appointment and request one.
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