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If you suffer any type of acne well done on finding this site. I do know how you feel, i have been their. I suffered severe acne and i know how hard it is to find an acne treatment that works. I'm now acne free as of 2011. But i did suffer acne in my teen and adult years. I now read acne forums and review sites and it upsets me how bad some people get it. Sometimes i feel i can relate, so i was inspired to build this site.
I just want to say also before looking at any acne product make sure you are on a good healthy diet. Use a medicated soap (you can purchase one for like $3 at your local super market) and also check your shampoo it may be contributing to your acne if its too strong. I agree these three tips may not get rid of your acne, but they certainly help control break outs alone. After trial and error with many different natural approaches, i found these tips actually helped.
Don't worry i'm not trying to sell you anything! I just want to share with you my experience as i believe if your looking for a way to get rid of acne, this page and ultimately the treatment i recommend will help. I would like to share with you some of the best and worst acne treatments i have used. I will give you a short review of each product i used and a resource to each acne product for more information.
These are the steps i took to get rid of my own acne. I will list every acne treatment i have used and give you some of the pros and cons of each. I hope this helps. I will start with:

Pronexin: This Acne Treatment has been marketed online as some kind of miracle acne cure that claims can you can "get rid of acne in 72 hours" I used this treatment for a while, but unfortunately my acne went from bad to worst. Pronexin had irritated my skin and i actually thought this is how my skin was supposed to feel. I purchased pronexin because i was convinced by a fake review site that pronexin was the best acne treatment available. It turns out when i research pronexin on google, many users had a hard time with pronexin. Out of all the treatments i used this is the worst.
Pronexin Review
Skin B5: This treatment actually helped me reduce the amount of oil on my face. My face had a much more cleaner appearance using Skinb5. Having European Skin my face is always oily. They delivered the acne treatment in 10 days and its not too expensive but a waist of money. For the first weeks on Skinb5 i actually thought my acne was clearing but i turns out that 3 months later my acne was spreading to my back, and neck. My acne went from moderate to extreme. They use very simple ingredients but i have to admit it did work better than Pronexin. May work for some of you guys and girls but didn't work for me.

Skin B5 Review
Roaccutane: Hey finally an acne treatment that worked. To get Roaccutane i did go and see a dermatologist as my acne was so bad from the other two treatments i had used (Pronexin and Skinb5). To get this acne treatment you must visit a dermatologist. You also must be blood tested. I takes around 6 months to start seeing really good results, although be aware when using Roaccutane the side effects are crazy. Dry lips, Dry skin, nose bleeds which are the more mild effects. The more serious side effects include suicide, hair loss major depression. Would i use this treatment again No! Yes it did clear my acne but the side effects were just too much for my body to handle and my acne actually returned 3 weeks off the treatment, but real bad this time.
More Roaccutane Information
Clearasil:This Acne Treatment was a complete waist of time. For this treatment i will not even leave a resource. Sorry!

Clearpores: This is the last treatment i used and you know what yes it did get rid of my acne. I was actually quite surprised. ClearPores was recommended to me by this girl who i used to relate to on a forum. She used this acne treatment and swore by it. I have to admit, i was very hesitant because i had tried so many treatments before that just didn't work. The treatment from memory was expensive. I actually first decided against using it. But this girl from the forum was really strongly suggesting that this treatment could make a change. She also pointed out to me at the time i used it, that their was a guarantee in place that could get my cash back if it didn't work. So i thought - why not.... I'm telling you for the price they were charging i was sending back the bottles, if i didn't see results. I also believe it's unfair how this company is charging so much for their bottles. Just being clear - many acne products have their cons and the price of this treatment is one of them!.
Anyway first ten days were positive i seen a good reduction in the swelling around my face and back area. Even though my acne was still obviously visible within 2-3 weeks i was getting compliments at work for the improvement in my acne. I don't want to sound cocky but i was even surprised.
You now how with some acne treatments people say your acne should get worst before it gets better. Well with clearpores, i have to also say that my acne didn't get worst. It took around 2 - 3 months to get completely clear. You must understand their is no quick fix to acne. Whoever told you there was, is lying.
When you apply the facial protection cream the next morning your face feels really smooth. I also found that clearpores have the ability to get rid of acne scars and blemishes to a certain extent. Without feeding you a load of crap - they apparently use many natural ingredients which help the skin repair. With my own acne all my blemishes and scarring had completely gone. But the important thing is you keep using clearpores after your acne is gone, to get these results.
If your going to use clearpores for a week, your right it's probably only going to give you limited results. But if your prepared to start eating healthier, using a medicated soap and using clearpores acne treatment for six months. I believe this will fight any type of acne. Don't listen to any bull crap about miracle cures. They don't work. Over 20,000 people have visited this site, with people trying clearpores each and every day. I have had thank you emails from men and women. I have had people post videos about this site and ClearPores. ClearPores is the best acne treatment available in 2011.
Good luck with your acne. Being off the treatment for around 6 months now, my acne still hasn't returned. In my case clearpores worked for me. If you suffer acne please follow my simple tips.
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  1. Hello this information help me somehow to decide what next step to take .For now i using Pronexin ,I just ordered it about 4 days ego,what i see its a very oily treatment it gives my skin nearly too much oil for the day ,for now I dont see too much result i still see pimples occurs .I dont know if this gonna really work for me. Here s my Email please if anyone has information about what could help ,let me know.That 'd be great!