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Acne Treatment Reviews - ProNexin

Please Read the entire article as this article has helped many users get rid of their acne in 2011.

Well done! Doing your research on Pronexin may have just saved you a significant amount of time and money. If you have already visited the Pronexin website you will know that this acne treatment is promoted as a "72 hour cure" which came across to me as to good to be true. I will be honest though i fell for it and purchased Pronexin! Well the truth is in my opinion the product is a big "hit and miss" and in this article i will explain exactly why!

Let me take you on my Pronexin Experience, but please take the time to read my entire article. It took me some time to construct because of my level of education, but i do try and be as clear and precise as possible. I will also let you in on a way i did manage to successfully get rid of my acne.

Just like you i was researching on Google and Yahoo for an "Acne Treatment". Down the side of the search engine page there are "sponsored ads" which anyone can pay for. My initial thoughts were to look at a few different sites. I Looked at several Fake review sites set up by Pronexin ranking this treatment as the best acne treatment available. Well thats exactly how i was stung, because it turns out these review sites are all owned by Pronexin to scam acne sufferers into purchasing their treatment.

Also Be aware that there are a number of acne treatments which i suspect to be owned by the same companies as Pronexin. These treatments have similar ingredients that just don't work. Pronexin, AcnePril, Bruunhause, Acnetox, Acnexus and Acnetix (really it just never ends). All these treatments have been ranked the best on review sites (owned by the same company) but do not work. In fact purchasing these treatments can be harmful to your skin and ultimately make your acne worst.

O.k so i have given you some information on their unethical company, now lets talk about how the treatment worked for me. Pronexin took two weeks to receive in the mail. I started using it immediately. I read the instructions and away i went.

The ingredients in Pronexin really irritated my skin but i thought maybe that burning sensation was all part of the process. This issue was just minor until about 10 -14 days after using this 72 hour miracle cure, my acne come out on my back, neck and face. My acne was worst, much worst then start of treatment, Almost to the point of seeing a dermatologist. I continued to use Pronexin and the reason why i did was because some people say your acne actually gets worst using acne treatments before it gets better.

I continued to use Pronexin for 3 months. My acne was absolutely terrible. I really can not stand the way this company has tried to scam money out of acne sufferers for a product which for me clearly did not work. Its obvious the product is not working for the majority of people just read all the comments below. To ensure the authenticity of these comments, lets say each comment has to be from a unique ip address to be approved on this site.

My reason for writing this article is to warn other users of how bad your acne can actually get using Pronexin. The good news is I did manage to get rid of my acne, its now August 2011and i'm totally acne free. I have been off treatment for some time now and i genuinely believe this is the best acne treatment on the market.

ProNexin Verse Other Acne treatments
This article is not exactly all bad news! I was able to successfully get rid of my acne. After using Pronexin my acne was terrible and at one stage i though unrepairable. I was recommended a product called ClearPores by a cousin who had also genetically developed acne through his parents. After almost trying every treatment and remedy known i went and purchased ClearPores. There are several reasons why i believe if you suffer acne you should take a look at this.

I now have many readers thanking me for a great success with this treatment in just a few weeks.

Reason 1: I found ClearPores Acne Treatment starts to work immediately from Day 1. It immediately starts to clear redness and swelling.

Reason 2: There is no getting worst before it gets better. I found it also manages the oil production on your face all day long, giving you a much cleaner appearance.

Reason 3: No skin irritation or side effects like i experienced with Pronexin

Reason 4: My skin was smooth and felt healthy and vibrant towards the end of the treatment

Reason 5: a money back guarantee for my own peace of mind

Reason 6: After using this treatment for 14 weeks my blemishes were almost completely clear.

I will be honest every acne treatment has its cons. I do believe you should purchase this treatment but please know these facts first.

- The treatment is very expensive and i believe its because they now are developing a good reputation.

-Postage can take up to 7-10 days

-You must actually purchase a 3 month system to be covered by their guarantee

With all these facts in mind, please take a look at the website. This is the product that worked for me and i wish you every chance of success. Don't get scammed by products like Pronexin. If you too are looking for a way to get rid of your acne purchase a complete system from ClearPores and see your improve significantly. For your convenience i will leave a link to the ClearPores Website just below.

Visit the Official ClearPores Website

Other quick tips, use a medicated soap for your acne - you can purchase it for like $2-$3 at your local super market. Also check out the shampoo you are using. Is it to strong and making your acne even worst?

Resources to help with Acne
The ClearPores Website
I used the Complete System, I strongly recommend it because it works.
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