Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Acne Marks Removal Tips

The unwanted marks and spots left by acne or pimples have now become such a common phenomena. There are many ways to get rid of these ugly spots and marks using kitchen products. Following are excellent and wonderful home treatment of acne or pimple scars using ingredients from your kitchen.
  • One of the most effective natural ways to remove acne scars is the lemon. Drink the hot tea made of lemon and apply the lemon juice all over the skin affected of acne scars. Scrubbing the acnes will remove the acne scars from the facial skin. Within a week or two you will see the acnes getting faded remarkably from your face.
  • Make a paste of sandalwood and rose water and apply to your scars. Just as above, the synthetic versions will do you no good at all.
  • Make a paste of roasted & powdered pomegranate skin with fresh lime juice and apply over acne, boils, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Wash you face with milk and lemon, mix milk and lemon, wash your face every day, it makes your skin lighter, can erase the pimple marks on your face.
  • To stop pimples drink coconut water empty stomach every day, if you have a heat body then it cools down the body from inside and also cleanses from inside.
  • Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications.
  • Take a raw potato, peel and grate it. Put the grated into a muslin piece and tie it tightly to form a pad. Rub this pad all over the face in the firm, circular motions for about 5 minutes and then wash your face. Alternatively you could directly rub potato slices all over the face. Helps to get rid of blemishes and pimple scar.
  • Apply aloevera gel to wash off your face regularly. Aloe vera gel is beneficial for the skin and can help fade the pimple marks with prolonged use.
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