Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Acne Occurs

There are many theories about what causes acne and, to some extent, everyone can be right. The important thing is to have an idea of ​​what some of the factors that maybe you can work to remove the acne itself. You can have one or more of the factors behind outbreaks of acne itself. By understanding what they are, you can work to find the right solution for you

Hormonal reasons for acne

The hormone androgen is most often linked to outbreaks of acne. The lowest levels of this hormone in men and women, can often result in the reduction or elimination of acne. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that hormones can become unbalanced at various points in his life and this must be taken into account if you are not a common victim of the defects. Puberty is a time when our hormones go into overdrive first, and the result is often the teenage acne. You may also notice hormonal imbalances and outbreaks result in pregnancy, menopause, and anytime you take any medications or supplements that may alter the balance of hormones.

Genetic factors underlying acne

As with most diseases, acne can be due to genetics. If members of his family have been under attack from acne, it may be a more likely candidate to escape yourself. The good news is that it gives a place to start your research to find treatments that work for your acne. If you know someone in your family has suffered from acne, which products and methods of work, or not, to prevent or eliminate acne.

Infectious bacteria leads to acne

Although some levels of bacteria live in the skin anyway, a greater amount of lead to epidemics. What happens essentially is that the bacterium acts as a magnet to draw in white blood cells. White blood cells which in turn produces an enzyme damaging the cell wall. The contents of the follicle to respond by entering into the dermis. The end result is an inflammation that causes different types of stains. At this point, however, he does not believe that the bacteria that leads to inflammation is contagious.

Stress can cause impurities?

There are two main reasons they believe that stress can cause acne and rashes. The first thing to consider is that stress can cause a failure or a weakened immune system. Once the immune system is weaker, more vulnerable to infections and bacteria. The end result may be an increase in breakouts related.

Stress can have another effect on the body leading to outbreaks of acne is inflammation. Break the follicular wall increased inflammatory response, as with increasing levels of bacteria. On the other hand, stress can exacerbate the level of the androgenic hormone produced, leading to breakouts.

The psychological causes of acne

The most common psychological connection between this and the acne is stress. It is believed that emotional stress can play an important role in the tendency to suffer from acne outbreaks. The problem is that suffering with acne can often lead to a greater amount of emotional stress, therefore, leads to an increase in the number or severity of acne. The process becomes a vicious cycle that can be hard to stop.

Some other possible causes

It is more common among teens to experience acne, but it can squeeze and continue into adulthood. Most often, however, with teenagers, it seems that the rash is a direct consequence of hormonal changes occur in the body.

Questions about dieting can also cause errors. Different people, different things can be. For some chemicals, is high in processed foods, for others it may be high in sugars, salts, oils and fats from other foods.

Other things you put into your body can also trigger acne. Some people suffer from rashes as a result of a new type of drug. While this may be just a first reaction, it can also take a drug for the treatment.

Or you may suffer from not getting enough vitamins in your body. In most cases, lack of vitamins led to a weakened immune system, causing the epidemic.

If you are struggling with acne, think of one or more of these may cause your buttons. Armed with this information, you may be able to overcome their difficulties and find ways to soothe your skin.

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