Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Forehead

Pimples on forehead are very common and the instinctive thing that we do is to try to hide them with our hairstyle. However, this may not be the best way of dealing with them and may, in fact make them worse because of the oils in our hair and even sensitivities to hair care products that we use.

As with all skin blemishes, pimples on forehead are easier to avoid than they are to treat. As the forehead forms the top of the T shape that gives the T zone its name and this area is the most prone to oiliness, it is also the area where most skin blemishes occur. So how best to treat those irritating pimples? Follow these tips to help get rid of pimples fast!

pimples on foreheadFirst of all, if your hairstyle normally covers your forehead in the day time, give your skin a break and clip your hair back from your face at night. If you have long hair, tie it back into a pony tail or any way you like just so long as it cannot fall back over your face whilst you sleep.

Next use a good exfoliator product. Exfoliation helps to clear pimples by removing the dead skin cells from the surface. These not only dull the complexion but can also get mixed with sebum from your skin, clogging pores and allowing bacterial infections to develop.

You can either use a facial scrub product which contains granules to manually remove all that dead skin debris or a product containing salicylic acid which will remove them chemically. You need to adjust how many times a week you use an exfoliator as overuse can cause skin to become more oily and could also irritate your skin.

how to get rid of pimples on foreheadCheck your diet and think about taking some specific vitamin and mineral supplements to improve your skin. You could also try some simple detox smoothies which will give your system a ‘kick start’ with nutritious fruits and vegetables in a delicious drink.

If at all possible, spend one day a week, makeup free. If your hair normally covers any pimples on forehead that you may have, clip it or tie it back and wear only a non-comedogenic moisturiser on your skin (use one that contains a sunscreen if going out in the sun). This will really help your skin to clear itself from pimples and blemishes. Always make sure you clear all traces of cosmetics from your skin before you go to bed.

In addition to the many over the counter treatments which are highly effective in dealing with the problem (please check out our article Is Neutrogena On The Spot The Best Pimple Spot Treatment?), there are several home remedies for pimples that are particularly good if you have pimples on forehead.

The main one is to use a slice of lemon and wipe this gently over the pimples and leave the juice to dry on your skin. This can be applied before you go to bed and rinsed off in the morning. If you have sensitive skin, this might irritate your skin if left on overnight so instead, use it during the day. If you get no adverse reaction, you can gradually increasing the length of time you leave the lemon juice on your skin.

If your skin is sensitive, you could mix 50% lemon juice and 50% rosewater and apply this mixture to your skin instead which makes a gentler but still very effective treatment for pimples on forehead.
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