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Baby Pimples or Baby Acne Some Helpful Information For Moms

Of all the things new parents worry about in the early days of caring for their newborn, baby pimples are probably last on the list. You may be surprised to know that baby acne is actually quite common. It typically appears on the baby’s cheeks, and may also appear on his forehead, chin and back.

It is common to confuse baby pimples with milia, which are tiny facial bumps. Milia are present at birth and disappears within a few weeks. Likewise, if the irritation resembles a rash more than acne, and affects the head or other parts of the body rather than the face, it is more likely to be cradle cap or eczema.
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The good news is that baby pimples normally disappear within a few weeks, and should not cause the little one any discomfort whatsoever. If you can work out what is causing the pimples, you have a better chance of treating them. Some experts think that the hormones a baby receives from her mother at the end of the pregnancy is the cause of baby acne. Other possible causes are medication taken by the nursing mother, or a reaction to a laundry detergent.

The best thing you can do to clear up your baby’s skin is to do very little! This is a case where pimple treatment is more a case of what you do not do than what you do! Avoid too much washing, which can cause even more irritation. Don’t apply any products to baby’s skin, such as creams, lotions or oils.

Under no circumstances should you use over-the-counter acne treatments on your baby’s delicate skin. All you need to do is wash your baby very gently with water and a mild baby soap, no more than once per day, then pat it dry.

A Doctor Advises On Baby Pimples

Check what you are putting next to your baby’s skin. Use a very mild laundry detergent to wash her clothes, bedding and blankets with, and keep rough fabrics away from her. If you are nursing your baby, think about what you use on your own skin that could irritate hers, such as strong perfume, fragranced body lotions and cosmetic products.
If your newborn’s baby pimples are still there after a few months, it won’t do any harm to ask your doctor for advice.

Remember, though, that your baby will not even be aware of the acne, and it won’t be causing any discomfort.

Focus on keeping her healthy and happy, and her baby pimples are likely to simply go away of their own accord.

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