Friday, October 14, 2011

Zen And The Art of Meditative Maintenance

                                                Ayurvedic Medicine is a holistic approach to well-being, and requires that you be in touch with yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to meditate; however, not everyone can easily achieve a meditative state. There are some ways to achieve a meditative state faster. The most basic way to achieve a meditative state is to establish a place and a time for it, as well as some ritual that mentally prepares you.
The place and time are easy enough to establish. The place should be one that is quiet, has a comfortable temperature, and is reasonably easy to get to. You can build your own, if needed, but as long as you feel comfortable there, it should be okay. The time should be set aside at the same time each day, so that your body learns that it will be in a slightly different state at the same time each day. Once place and time are established, you need to establish a ritual.
The ritual can be as simple or as complex as you want; I suggest simplicity as it’s not only cheaper (as you don’t require as many materials) and quicker, but simplicity is usually best. Decide what constitutes a ritual, and also allow for one at the conclusion of your meditation, even if it’s as simple as blowing out a candle.
Some things to consider when you are creating your ritual are things that can be open and closed; for example, lighting a candle or burning incense at the beginning of your meditation, and then extinguishing it when you are done. Changing clothes, flipping something over or otherwise changing its position, or other brief activities that a two parts to them allow you to separate your meditation from your daily life, and that disconnect can be beneficial.

Do not meditate in the nude. It may sound prudish, but when you deal with things mystical, the symbolism of even simple things becomes important. Nudity may represent freedom, but it also represents lack of sexual inhibitions and lust as well, and you want to avoid anything dealing with those issues just as much as you hunger and thirst. Some people do, but try to avoid it at the start.
By establishing these factors, you will find yourself slipping into a meditative state easier, and being to establish a link to yourself and thus you will be able to better affect your path much more effectively.
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