Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Foods Cause Acne?

Diet and acne... many people say that foods don't affect acne, some people say it does. Well, they are both right in my opinion. All depends how your body, your skin reacts to certain foods and what skin type you have - if you don't have acne problem, foods may not cause you problems, but for those with acne problem, certain foods can make it worst.
In my opinion, if you are reading this article I assume that you have acne problem, bigger or smaller, anyway it affects your life some way and you are looking for solution. My advice is - you should care what you eat, you should avoid certain foods, and you should have your eyes open and observe if your acne problem is getting worse after eating certain foods - because each of us may react different and what we can do is to observe our own bodies, simply to know our bodies like we know our favourite movie. Sounds strange? Believe me, so many of us don't know own body, especially how certain foods affect it.
In my opinion, foods are so important in our life and if we can, we always should care what we eat to make our internal systems stronger, it's hard to see how internal organs look like, but if they work properly we will be healthy.
I want to give you an example about something you can see: if you want to build strong body, big muscles and be simply strong man (or woman)! You have to exercise, practice, give your body muscles proper stimulation, it will make your body stronger - adding special foods into that, your body will be stronger even faster, because of proper nutrition. In acne battle is the same, just food is even more important.
It's good to use other treatments, like: proper cleansing, antibiotics and effective lotions - but without proper dietiary plan, they will not be as sufficient as they could be - even if you will get rid of acne using antibiotics, it may come back after a while if your diet is bad and you have to answer if you want to go for acne antibiotics again?
I guess you know that antibiotics always have some side effects. Read about the causes of acne and some crucial rules to follow to get rid of acne (one of them is to avoid certain foods - there are four more ruleslisted there).
It's great to start with restricted diet and after a while, when your acne problem is getting smaller, you can try with foods that you removed from your menu, maybe it will not affect you - you will observe. There always should be balance, between what to eat and what not to eat, sometimes we just like so much foods we should avoid and we have to let go our restrictions, we shouldn't be to hard on ourselves with our diets but it's great to know what food causes what problems in our body and be able to accept cause and effect.. and most important, always smile on the way!
So let's go to the most important part, to the list of foods that may cause the acne problem:

List of foods you should remove from your acne diet:

  • Nuts - and products that are made with nuts: such as peanut butter
  • Chocolates - in any forms
  • Cola and other dark drinks - it's ok to drink light colored sodas
  • Spicy foods - especially if you use sauces you buy in stores, homemade chilli sauce with fresh peppers are not that bad.
  • Salty foods - like french fries, chips and other. If you want to eat salt, please use it while cooking
  • Pizza - oops!
  • Dairy products
  • Less sugar - it may cause problems, so consume less sweet products - I know it's hard
  • Less fried foods - again something with "less". So enjoy fried foods, but not all the time
Well, I hope you are not depressed now! In the list you can see "less sugar" and "less fried foods" - I would recommend to remove sugar and fried foods for some days to see how your body reacts and then include a bit if wanted.
Feel that there is nothing left to eat? Well it's simply not true. I will give you in case the list of foods you can eat and it's the same long!

Stay with that list of foods to help acne problem:

  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Cereals and grains
  • Coffee and tea
  • Bread
You may also try herbs for acne - but before using herbs it's recommended to consult first with doctor if you should use certain herbs and for how long. Read about good vitamins for acne.
It will all depends on how advance acne you have to get rid of your acne problem. As it was mentioned before, after getting rid of it, add foods from your "not to eat" list, one by one and give yourself few days how your body reacts. Now, you have to decide which list of foods you will choose. I believe both: you will avoid eating foods from the first list and enjoy foods on the second list.
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