Saturday, October 22, 2011

Try The Zeno Pimple Zapper for Inflamed Pimples and Spots

The Zeno Pimple Zapper is a very clever device that works to clear pimples and blemishes without any chemicals – all it uses is thermal technology, the finely targeted application of heat to destroy the bacteria that 
“The results are amazing. The majority of my pimples have responded to ZENO. There are a couple that didn’t but I also delayed using ZENO on them until they had ‘grown’ some. When I catch them early, I’ve gotten results every time. I wouldn’t trade anything for my ZENO.”
The ClearPoint technology of the Zeno pimple zapper heats up the applicator tip to 118° Fahrenheit which will NOT burn your skin, it feels comfortable in use. The clever part is that the device adjusts the heat output dependent upon the temperature of your skin so that it always delivers just the right amount of heat to kill the bacteria that are causing your pimples.
Extract from customer review:-
“Just used the Zeno hot spot just the other day for the first time. I didn’t get to use it until my pimple was at least 3 days along and the Zeno still shrunk it within 24 hours and it took the pain away too.”

starts. In this case, the pimple may only need just one treatment. Normally, pimples will need two to three treatments with the zapper, spread out over the day. Each treatment application only lasts for two and a half minutes. This will result in a significant improvement and as the device is completely portable and discreet, you can use it anywhere. It comes in two colorways and measuring just 1.5 x 1.8 x 3 inches and weighing just over three ounces, it can just be popped in your purse or even a pocket so it is always on hand.
Extract from customer review:-
“I have to admit, I bought this because I thought it looked cool. I did not expect it to do much. Now, after using it for almost 2 months, I have to say it is absolutely FABULOUS! It really works!”

Overall verdict on the Zeno Pimple Zapper?

This is a great device that really works but for maximum effect, must be combined with an effective skin care routine. I like the fact that it is so neat and discreet in two great colorways (sky blue and watermelon pink). I also like the fact that anyone can use it safely. It does have limitations as it is only suitable for use on inflamed, red pimples. It is NOT suitable for blackheads and whiteheads or if you have severe nodular or cystic acne. Customers love it and the Zeno pimple zapper is highly recommended if you want a no-chemical, natural treatment that will relieve the pain and embarrassment of red and inflamed pimples quickly.
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