Monday, October 17, 2011

Try Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen For Problem Pimples

Do you struggle with one or two areas where pimples seem constantly to pop up? With the Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen, you can take control and deal with these problem pimples wherever you are.
Many people have problem areas where pimples continuously reoccur. This can be incredibly troublesome – especially as these blemishes always seem to emerge at the most inconvenient time!
This pen works to deliver the maximum dose of the treatment to the problem area delivering the best possible result to a finely targeted area.

What Are the Benefits of the Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen?

After reviewing the neat little tool, it is clear to see that it could work very effectively. Does it work? Users say that the pen did what they hoped, but using it consistently is important. Look at the promised benefits of using this as a pimple treatment.
  • It is a small, pen shaped device. This makes it easy enough to take with you anywhere you need to.
  • The portable device is also very discreet. No one needs to know you are treating a pimple.
  • The pen works to reduce the presence of acne that is already present. This means it fights what is already on the skin.
  • This pimple blocker also works as a prevention tool. It can help to prevent or ‘block’ acne from occurring in problem areas.
  • The active ingredients begin working right away. There is no long term waiting between using it and stopping the potential problem.
  • The product goes on smoothly. It is clear. This means there is no chemical residue on your skin or face.
  • The ingredients in the Pen are absorbed into the skin quickly. There is no smell or greasy effects on the skin.
These are some significant benefits and overall, the pimple blocker pen does promise to work. It can be a ‘go to’ solution for dealing with acne pimples on the run.
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How The Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen Works

The active ingredients penetrate into the skin easily at the time of application. The Pen contains two percent salicylic acid, a proven medication for the treatment of acne.
The Up-side
The Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen provides effective medication at the highest dosage level. It is a spot treatment than can work very effectively when used as directed. It is ideal for those who have problem areas on the skin they need to fight specifically.
The Down-side
The Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen is not intended to be used on widespread acne. For those who have acne that is more significant or serious acne build-up that needs more than the spot treatment this pen provides, this product is definitely not the right solution and whilst it is a cost effective solution for individual spots, it would work out expensive for treating larger areas.

Overall verdict on the Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen

This product makes a great choice for those who want to take care of troublesome areas on the skin before they worsen or for tackling those pimples that suddenly pop up just when you least expect them. Use it in your purse or pocket for those times when it becomes necessary to get immediate help. The fact that it is easily portable and discreet means you can take it anywhere and being able to use it promptly could reduce the time a pimple remains present on your skin.
The Clearasil Ultra Pimple Blocker Pen has many positive customer reviews that prove it can be very effective.
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