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Have You Found A Pimple On Your Breast?

Have You Found A Pimple On Your Breast?

Both women and men suffer from the problem of getting a pimple on breast or chest. In some cases they can experience quite a crop of breast pimples at the same time. These are most usually just another place where acne develops. However, a pimple that becomes red, crusty or weeping or is excessively sore or inflamed and is situated on the areola (the darker area surrounding the nipple in both men and women), you should see your doctor as soon as possible as this could well need medical intervention.
Whilst no absolutely definite cause for getting a pimple on breast has been found, some people believe it is down to wearing tight or non-absorbent clothing next to the skin which stops perspiration being wicked away from the skin and causes pores to become clogged and skin to become chafed and aggravated. Another likely cause is using biological detergents if your skin is sensitive. All the other acne causes are also implicated, including hormonal imbalances, stress and dietary insufficiencies.

Pimples on breasts, as with other forms of acne, can strike anyone whatever their age, gender or ethnic origin. Hormonal changes are the most likely cause in teenagers and young adults and can also cause problems in expectant mothers and women of childbearing age who are menstruating. Some illnesses can also cause changes to the hormone balance in both men and women, leading to acne outbreaks anywhere on the body.

When To Seek Medical Advice for a Pimple on Breast

If you find a pimple on breast or chest (or a crop of them) and have never experienced this problem before, try the treatments outlined below but if after a few days, there is no improvement or, the condition appears to be worsening, it would be well worth getting checked out by your doctor – more for your own peace of mind than for any other reason but it is just possible that if you have eliminated likely causes such as changing a skin care product, using a different washing powder or anything else you can think of which might have triggered the problem, getting a doctor’s advice will reassure you.

The first thing to remember is that you need to cleanse your skin thoroughly but not with products that are too harsh for your skin and which will cause further problems. If you get hot and sweaty after sport or working in the garden, for instance, make sure you shower or bathe as soon afterwards as possible. Always finish with rinsing your skin with cooler water to close the pores again.

Gently apply a proprietary acne treatment to the pimples, making sure that there are no contra-indications which might suggest you should not use these on the breast area. Use this as often as directed and only use one type of acne treatment at a time.

Lots of Pimples On Breast? Do You Have Breast Acne?

The occasional single pimple, or the odd one or two are not too much of a problem to deal with, but more widespread pimples, caused by a blockage of the follicles of the fine hair in this area (yes, even in women!), can cause a painful and embarrassing problem to deal with. This is the point where you have to admit that you haven’t just got a pimple on breast, you have breast acne.

This is so much more common than you would think and in fact, is most common in young women. If you are afflicted with breast acne, it is important to enlist the help of a dermatologist or your doctor who will be able to advise you on the best way of treating the condition in your particular case.

In addition to this, take a warm bath or shower and rinse with cooler water to close pores after exercise or any time you have perspired a lot. When in the shower or bath, use a gentle, exfoliating body scrub which will help to clear pores of debris trapped inside which can harbour bacteria and cause an infection.

Try gentle, home remedies for pimples, such as tea tree oil which are often as effective as over the counter products and consider taking a good multi-vitamin supplement as both vitamins A and E are extremely beneficial for the skin, vitamin A for its antioxidant properties and the fact that it is also believed to help reduce the production of sebum and vitamin E, because it is very helpful in the healing process.
Please, above all, do not be embarrassed about having a pimple on breast or chest and if things are getting worse and you believe breast acne is developing, do take medical advice as the earlier you start getting proper treatment for this problem, the better the outcome will be. Above all, don’t suffer in silence, we all want to look our best and help is out there to get your skin looking great again.

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