Friday, October 14, 2011

The First Li

Martial Arts can be a funny thing. It seems that some martial arts were created to get better fighting, and then evolved to entertainment (wrestling). Others were created to relieve teen-age hormones (boxing). Others were created to allow self-defense in weird situations (capoiera). Others were created for self-defense, and then became meditation (kung fu).

One of these martial arts became linked to a group of healers. By using vital points, the martial artists were able to become very efficient warriors. Kalaripayattu combines the physical nature of martial arts with an almost scientific approach that allowed the practitioners to become incredible healers as well. In a way, the Ayurvedic healing arts gained a lot by association with those that, ironically, caused the pain as well.

In essence, yin and yang working together for the betterment of the human in question, as is the best way to do things. There a number of ways that healing works, some in weird ways that go beyond expectations, others where the expectations were in the wrong areas. Sometimes, not all of the best ways of healing are what you would expect; sometimes it takes looking down an unexpected path to find what you are looking for, and even then what you are find wasn’t what you were looking for.

Before I get too much into fortune cookie territory, healing is best looked at as a problem-solving process. It’s not always important what method was used, as long as the problem is solved. When it comes to curing a disease, a lot of things can work; sometimes it’s just a matter of bolstering the person’s belief that there is a solution that helps just as much as an antidote.

When we look at holistic healing, it’s easy to discard it for the weirdness. That’s fine; as with modern medicine, there will always be a lot its practitioners know that those that benefit from it aren’t aware of. But…it works nonetheless. On this blog, I will be exploring various ways to heal yourself and won’t be limited by modern science. So let’s have fun on this journey, and see where it leads us, eh?

[Caveat: Do not use this site as a way to heal yourself. I am not licensed in any medical way, and my advice should be should treated strictly as friendly advice, not as an actual opinion. Look into the medicines shown here yourself, and don’t trust me word, okay?]
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