Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast Pimple Treatment with the One Hour Pimple Patch

For those looking for a way of improving the look of their skin with a really fast pimple treatment to remove a blemish, the One Hour Pimple Patch from Acne Free may provide a solution.
This product is designed to provide a solution for those who have a spot and want to get it to quickly fade away. The product may not work for everyone depending on the size of the blemish.
However, for anyone who has a problem spot that just pops up out of nowhere, this product can be really effective.

How the Pimple Treatment Patch Works

One Hour Pimple Patch Acne Free works to smooth away the inflammation and the redness that is so common with inflamed zits.
To work, the patches contain a natural alternative to cortisone, a common medicinal ingredient for the treatment of acne and blemishes on the skin. Instead of cortisone, this product uses Sea Whip.
This is a natural, soothing substance which promises to provide relief to the inflammation and to rapidly diminish the appearance of the blemish.
Look at what the company says this product can do:-
  • It works to rapidly reduce the redness of spots. When bacteria grow in a follicle or pore, they cause inflammation. It is this inflammation that leads to the redness around and on the pimple.
  • The bacterial infection can often lead to the swollen, painful effects on the skin. This product promises to reduce this.
  • The company says the product works to reduce the size of the blemish. The One Hour Pimple Patch from Acne Free can make your unwanted blemish much less noticeable.
  • The redness subsides, which not only reduces the discomfort, it also gives your confidence a boost as you do not have to put up with a big red spot on your face!
  • In addition, the manufacturers state that using the product as directed can reduce the length of time the troublesome spot remains on the skin as well as the severity of it.
  • To use the product, all you have to do is just apply a patch to the area where a pimple or blemish is present. Then allow the patch to remain in place for one hour whilst it works on your spot.

What Users Say About This Pimple Treatment

Once applied, you do have to leave it in place for at least one hour. After removing it, your spot will still be there, this product does not work a miracle ‘disappearing act’ on your blemish but it will be significantly less red, less noticeable and less painful.
Users of the One Hour Patch as a pimple treatment have very positive things to say about the product. They comment that the product works well overall.
Some users say that this product worked better for them than Proactive. It helped to reduce the presence of the zit on the skin overall.
Customer Review:-
“I used one on a big red pimple on my forehead. The patch is pretty big. I left it on for a little over an hour. When I took it off, I rubbed the solution on the pimple. It didn’t look like it was any smaller at that point. When I woke up the next morning, my pimple was much smaller and not red anymore.”
As a pimple treatment, the One Hour Pimple Patch from Acne Free can be very effective. It is best for those who have a single spot or blemish. It does not provide immediate results in that it does not remove a spot from the skin completely, but it does reduce the redness and pain and inflammation. It can also help to encourage the zit to go away faster. To get these results, it is very important to use the product exactly as directed. For those who want a fast solution to fading a single blemish quickly, these pimple patches provide a good solution that can be used as needed.
Should You Use It?
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