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alternative acne and pimples therapy Apr 06 So why is Acne No More the Best Selling Acne Treatment Book Online?

Alternative acne and pimples therapy Apr 06 So why is Acne No More the Best Selling Acne Treatment Book Online?                                                                                                   Thousands of Men and Women of all ages and countries have naturally cured their Acne and achieved long lasting clear skin, without over the counter medication, drugs, ‘magic creams’ or ‘miracle oils’,  all thanks to the clinically proven, scientifically accurate method found in the hugely successful Acne No More book. 
The author, Mike Walden is a health consultant and certified nutritionist and his Acne No More book is definitely not just another ‘Natural Way to Cure Pimples Program’. The book which is the number one bestseller in a notoriously crowded and saturated market has been referred to as an ‘Acne Treatment Bible’. Simply put, it is one of the most complete, precise and comprehensive guides to curing Acne that you will ever read. So what makes this book stand out from all the other clear skin books currently on the market?
Well first things first, this book is not just another ‘Acne Relief’ or ‘Skin Care Program’, it’s actually a completely holistic and natural cure for Acne. Sure this may seem like a play on words at first, but once you start reading the book you soon realise that trying to find Acne relief is the wrong thing to do and may actually play a part in making your acne worse. Acne No More shows you the exact reason why you need to fix the root problem that is causing your acne, instead of getting relief or masking the symptoms. It then goes on to show you the exact step by step method to do it.
Next, what really makes Acne No More stand out is the sheer amount of attention to detail that is paid to each specific element required to permanently get rid of Acne and pimples. The book completely exposes the myths and lies surrounding this confusing subject and is quite simply the most detailed book about curing Acne that I have ever read (and I’ve read quite a few :-)).
The Acne No More book features 223 pages of solid content, it’s pretty extensive and nothing is held back. The book focuses on natural treatment and this means there are absolutely no recommendations for any harsh drugs or medication with unpleasant side effects. In the ‘Core Formula’ section Mike gives a detailed overview of each step of the method and then goes into the specifics in an easy to follow way. There are also some very handy checklists and charts which help to know where you are at within the program.

The Acne No More book is not a ‘miracle cure’ or ‘quick fix’, it is a completely natural solution for tackling the root cause of Acne and as a result it does take work and persistence to complete.  Mike does emphasize this ‘no quick fix’ philosophy behind the method.
If there is a drawback to the book, it is that it is so comprehensive and contains so much information that some readers may find it overwhelming. Those people who are searching for a quick start program may be put off at first. However the good part is that even these people can rest assured that it will be well worth the effort because this book will be the last Pimples and Acne Treatment book they ever have to buy.

So who will benefit from the Acne No More Book?

Anyone who is looking to cure their pimples and acne will benefit from Acne No More. This book is even suitable for people without Acne because it is a complete health rejuvenation program that is better than most of the alternative health and nutrition books currently on the market.
In terms of design and layout, the book is a professionally formatted clean and well laid out in PDF format. It is well structured and perfect for printing out and reading in the comfort of your own home.
The Acne No More book is both impressive and unique. It has changed many lives in many countries and the numerous happy customer testimonials online are proof of this.

So What’s the Acne No More Verdict?

The verdict is that anyone searching for a ‘Magic Bullet’, ‘Quick Fix’, ‘Secret Potion’ or any other hyped up miracle program should not waste her or his time with this book.
However, anyone looking for the truth about curing Pimples or Acne and who is prepared and willing to put in a bit of work and make the required lifestyle changes necessary to get rid of Acne for good, will find the Acne No More book to be one of the best and most important investments they ever made.

Home remedies to get rid of pimples and acne;

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Great nutrition could be the foundation for wholesome epidermis. A well-balanced diet will make sure that your body receives the vitamins and mineral it needs to support and sustain the health of your skin. Foods rich in sulphur, for example onions and garlic, might be especially beneficial to those who suffer from Acne and Acne breakouts. You can find also several nutritional supplements that may possibly be useful inside the maintenance of wholesome epidermis. Supplements of b-complex vitamins too as vitamin C, and A are very crucial for the strength, growth, and vitality of the skin.
Vitamin E as well as the mineral zinc orotate are also useful supplements as they both contain antioxidants that will aid protect your skin from damage. And do not underestimate the power of h2o. Drinking water assists to hydrate the skin, plump up the glands, and move waste and nutrients through the system. Plan on drinking at least six to eight glasses of purified drinking water each and every day to maintain skin color healthful and deter the improvement of Acne and Pimple.
Choose gentle herbal facial cleansers and moisturizers, and use them a minimum of twice throughout the day to remove debris, oil, perspiration, and pollutants that have built up about the skin. You will find a number of products on the market which are produced exclusively for Pimples and Acne-prone skin color. These goods are created to decrease the incidence of Acne and Pimple breakouts. The greatest product accessible is Oxy-Skin™. A non-oily face wash that contains tea tree oil or echinacea can also help to slow or halt the improvement of Acne and Acne. Excessive washing will not help decrease Pimples and Pimple, and in reality it can actually aggravate it. Rather, wash your face twice a day inside the morning and evenings and rinse thoroughly with warm drinking water.
As with facial cleansers, be sure to pick moisturizers and cosmetics which will work properly with your epidermis kind. Avoid oily cosmetics or any facial goods that include socetyl stearate, isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, parabens and sodium chloride, as these ingredients can result in Acne and Acne breakouts. Cosmetics are a main trigger of Pimples and Acne breakouts for adult women. Wear the least amount of makeup you feel comfortable with, to steer clear of irritation to your skin color and enable your epidermis to receive an ample supply of oxygen.
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