Saturday, October 15, 2011

Acne treatment for mens

Acne treatment for men;

                                 Most commonly it is believed that acne is a problem of women, but the truth is that acne is a wide spread problem for men. In men acne is caused by the same reasons as in women, stress, and hormonal change or hereditary. In men acne can also be caused due to presence of high quantity of androgens.
Men fall a little short when it comes to basic cleansing regimen. Though most men cleanse and moisturize their face, but the problem is that men usually do not tome their skin. This step is equally important. Toning keeps acne at bay to some extent. Men suffering from acne should prefer using moisturizers that do not have oil. Though these days with the concept of metro sexual man much in vogue, men need to take care of their skin and health.
Shaving is an important regimen of man’s daily cleansing act. Now with pimples on face, shaving becomes quite a complicated situation. There are lot of myths and thoughts attached to it. One thing for sure is that shaving does not cause acne. But one needs to take care of blades; they should be premium quality and should be cleaned properly after use. If you are suffering from acne then choose the shaving cream and after shave lotion carefully. Any strong chemical in that can lead to itching or aggravate the acne problem.
Men are more prone to stress, not to say that women are not. But work pressure and all that accentuate to high level of stress, leading to acne problems. What actually is required for men to control acne is a proper life style. Regular Exercise, good and controlled diet and basic cleansing regimen, if these few things are kept in regimen then problem of acne can be taken care of.
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