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Acne / Pimples Causes

Acne / Pimples Causes;
                    Puberty means the production of male sex hormones androgen's increases for all girls and boys usually, then stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce higher sebum. The sebaceous glands are sometimes more sensitive to androgen's. Some how are more severe, get large and more Acne that they need medical treatment.
Proportion-bacterium Acne, is a common bacterium in the skin that feeds on sebum. This bacterium produces waste products and fatty acids that activates the sebaceous glands and cause them to inflamed.
Acne /Pimples Symptoms
A Small symptom at first, tender, red spots that later turn into pimples containing degraded fatty acids. The inflammation disappears over a few days or weeks, depending on the severity. Severe Acne can cause scars which will never disappear. Acne can also cause psychological stress and be socially disabling. An early effective treatment is therefore imperative.
Acne Pimples Worse Condition
-Often in a heat and damp environment with oil, grease and other chemicals. Others in hot, dirty and dusty conditions.
-Stress or emotional tension.
-Squeezing or picking at the pimples.
-Menstrual periods.
-Certain medicines and chemicals.
-Taking hearty food and drinks.
Acne Pimples Care
Wash your face three times a day with a mild cleanser. Try to wash your skin whenever it becomes dirty and sweaty. Do not scrub your face it may heat up your Acne and then get worse.
Try to keep shorter hair as it will help to cool down your head. Shampoo and clean your hair at least once a day.
Try not to squeeze or pick at the pimples. It may activates the acne and may get scarring.
Avoid exposing your skin to too much cold, heat and sunlight. Over contact with these conditions may aroused the acne and pimples.
No scientific research has shown that certain foods can cause Acne , but if you notice that spots increase after you eat certain things, it makes sense to avoid them, especially the hearty food.
Choose a sensible, varied diet, drink lots of water.
THE TOLE'S Concept on Acne Pimples Care
Many pimples that swell people have badly up so bad this they do not like to go out of their house. They feel too to show their face, also can be treated.
Usually we take into consideration all your five organs before we prescribe to you our tailor made Acne herb medicine for your use.
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