Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Causes of Adult Acne
Women get pregnant and give birth, hormone fluctuations that occur during menstruation or going off birth control pills (especially if they were used to control flareups and no replacement therapy is initiated), lifestyle habits such as eating greasy foods or the wrong skin care regime can cause acne as your get older.
Start With A Clean Face
Taking care of your face and body skin is essential to be healthy. To avoid breakouts, you need to wash your face twice daily with a gentle facial cleanser, then follow with a mild toner to clean every pore and a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer to maintain the natural balance of your skin.
Treatment Options
It is important to treat acne immediately to avoid scarring as scar removal is a separate procedure. Avoid popping a pimple as it may cause a scar Although there is no cure, you can find a solution to breakouts rather than using a cosmetic to cover them up. Alternative treatments can be suggested by a naturist that can be homemade and are effective with no side effects. Using otc product options like Exposed that contain elements such a benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid work well to combat acne as well as clay or sulfur masks. For severe acne, dermatologists may recommend medicine but it is a last resort because of side effects.
  1. A healthy diet, good daily skin care regime and the right acne treatment can clear up adult acne so you can face the world with pride.
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