Sunday, July 10, 2011

How To Cure Pimples/Acne Naturally ? Home Made remedies

1. The first one of the natural ways to cure acne is to develop and apply a five-day cleansing diet recipe. Acne occurs because of dirt, not only the dirt on the skin surface, but also inside the body as well. Therefore, a healthy five-day diet can help clean the inside body during which you are only allowed to eat vegetables, fruits and water. The toxins will be cleared away with the help of this diet.
2. Reduce the sugar of your daily consumption. Many of us enjoy having sugar rich food in our daily life. However, the sugar rich food such as ice cream and cookies can bring about pimple breakouts. So it is highly encouraged to replace them with food which contains Zinc and vitamin C. Food that is rich in Zinc and vitamin C can be highly good to your body since it can help improve our immune system.This is one of the best natural ways to cure acne.
3. The third natural way to cure acne is avoiding touching your face. You may already know this tip, but I still have to stress it here. Every time we touch face with our hands, the dirt can be easily transferred to our face which leads to the occurrence of acne.
4. One of the best effective and natural ways to cure acne is to get a lot of sleep. Having a good rest can help reduce the chance of occurrence of acne and can also product positive effect on your skin.
5. Try to lessen your stress. It is general that most people may have heavy stress in their daily life; however, this can be really harmful for ourselves and may lead us to serious breakouts of acne. So try to lessen the stress in your life.
6. The last tip of the natural ways to cure acne presented here is to try to eat as much fish as you can. It is well-known that fish are rich in Omega 3 which is very helpful to us. Eating fish can help us maintain a clean skin and keep us away from acne.

The above are just a few natural ways to cure acne, and we are about to reveal a secret way on how to cure acne naturally. It may be difficult to believe, but it is 100% true. Do you want to end the breakouts and get rid of acne within 7 days? Well then the ACNE No More System will be the must read. Follow this link to find out the secret.
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